wbcOne of the most exciting and amazing coffee events is without a doubt the World Barista Championship. For those of you who are still new to the world of coffee, the WBC is the current premier Barista competition worldwide.

Winners of each national Barista championship will compete against one another for the world title. Each competitor must prepare 12 coffee beverages within 15 minutes. Four of which should be Espresso, 4 Cappuccino and four original signature drinks crafted by the barista’s themselves. There is no alcohol allowed and four sensory judges will evaluate each performance on the taste of the beverages, cleanliness, creativity, technical skills and overall presentation.

The immensely popular original beverages allow the competitors to use their imagination and creativity to incorporate their coffee knowledge in new and surprising drinks which represent their experience and personal taste in coffee.

The judging occurs in two rounds. The first one is a preliminary round which allows only six of the twelve competitors to advance to the final round. In this round only one winner will go home with the title Barista World Champion.

The Barista competition idea was originally created in Norway and was mostly dominated by Scandinavian Barista’s during its early years starting in 2000.


Back in June 2012 the Barista World Championship was held in the birthplace of the coffeehouse, Vienna, Austria. Raul Rodas from Guatemala managed to win the competition with a convincing 28 point lead above the number 2, Fabrizio Sención Ramírez from Mexico.

A list of all the competitors and their semifinal entries can be viewed in video format by following THIS LINK. Below you can watch the video from 2012’s number 4 Miki Suzuki from Japan. She is widely considered to be one of the world’s best barista’s and even managed to get an amazing score of 697 points in the preliminary rounds. 2 more than the eventual winner earned during the finals in Vienna.