Kick off the Day with a Special Canna-Coffee Shake

Posted on 27. Jan, 2014 by in Coffee

There’s nothing better after medicating than sitting down with a good cup of coffee, however, have you ever tried doing both at the same time? Don’t worry about traveling to Amsterdam; you can have your own coffee shop in your own house (depending on your local jurisdiction – cannabis is illegal in Austria for that […]

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Heaven in a Cup: Nepali Coffee

Posted on 07. Nov, 2013 by in Coffee

You are instantly hooked. A minute ago, you walked into the java shop. As if taken in by a waft of deep flavors, you drink in the aroma of roasted coffee. Yes, you are hooked. You order a latte and a couple of minutes later, you are given this glorious cup of hot coffee with […]

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Latte Art

Posted on 15. Aug, 2013 by in Coffee

Ok so we already knew how amazing coffee can be. It keeps you awake, gives you energy and even taste excellent when produced in a caring and professional way. However, there is another side to coffee which is at least as interesting as drinking the divine beverage. It’s Latte Art. It’s method of preparing coffee […]

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The most expensive coffees in the world

Posted on 19. Jul, 2013 by in Coffee

We all know that coffee is one of the most soothing types of beverages on the whole planet. Some drink it because otherwise they’ll fall asleep throughout the day. Others drink it to study the night before their final exam, and then you have people who just drink some coffee because they like it. However, […]

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A short documentary – Our greatest addiction

Posted on 23. May, 2013 by in Coffee

It’s time for a bit of education. During our many journey’s through the depths of the internet in search for coffee news we found this short but amazing video which explains some cool facts and figures concerning coffee consumption across the globe. Did you know that even though the number one coffee consumers are the […]

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17 things you didn’t know about coffee

Posted on 15. Feb, 2013 by in Coffee

Yes we love coffee and we’ve been drinking this divine beverage for almost 20 years now. But boy were we surprised to find out some of these amazing fun facts concerning our favorite drink. Did you know that 35% of the world’s coffee consumption happens in the US? That’s about 300 million people drinking 400 […]

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