Heaven in a Cup: Nepali Coffee

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You are instantly hooked. A minute ago, you walked into the java shop. As if taken in by a waft of deep flavors, you drink in the aroma of roasted coffee. Yes, you are hooked. You order a latte and a couple of minutes later, you are given this glorious cup of hot coffee with a decorative swirl of foamed milk on the surface. You look out and realize that this isn’t just a coffee shop in the Himalayas. This is a coffee experience. And yes, it’s in Nepal.

Coffee is the New Tea

Even France’s president Francois Hollande became so enamored of Nepali coffee that he wrote a letter of deep thanks to the Himalayan country’s ambassador. Yes, this is Nepali coffee: a tantalizing brew that has been gaining popularity not only among the Nepalese but also javaphiles across the globe. Small and snug coffee shops have been popping up in and around the Kathmandu valley, beckoning weary residents for some respite from a long day of work or enticing travellers and trekkers for a soothing jolt before their mountain ventures continue.

Despite some unusual food and drink habits it is very easy to surrender yourself to the great coffeehouses. In fact, you can find yourself among the coffee aficionados in one of a dozen coffee outlets in the nation’s capital. Whether it be in Coffee Talk Nepal or Annapurna Coffee Shop, you will not be alone in partaking of the pleasures of Nepali coffee. Or perhaps you can sip from a heavenly brew by entrepreneur Surendra Shrestha, whose Coffee Society beans are painstakingly hand-ground and made by hand in an espresso press.

Experiencing the Flavor

Having a cup, or two, is only the beginning. Dipping into organic Nepali coffee is also helping local farmers and their families maintain a steady income. Free from fertilizers and pesticides, this Himalayan cup of joe comes from pristine, nutrient-rich soil. Drinking a cup is finding yourself immersed in immaculate mountain air.

It’s a pure experience with a full-bodied taste of beans brewed to perfection. It’s an escape from the noise. It’s Nepali coffee.

More coffee spots in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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