Kick off the Day with a Special Canna-Coffee Shake

Posted on 27. Jan, 2014 by in Coffee

There‚Äôs nothing better after medicating than sitting down with a good cup of coffee, however, have you ever tried doing both at the same time? Don’t worry about traveling to Amsterdam; you can have your own coffee shop in your own house (depending on your local jurisdiction – cannabis is illegal in Austria for that matter). If you are a medical marijuana patient (or situated in Alaska, Colorado, or Washington), you have legal access to cannabis or might even be able to obtain cannabis seeds to grow your own marijuana plants.

This marijuana coffee shake recipe can be great for those who have a long day ahead of them, or for those who love their coffee and want to try something delicious and new. By following this recipe, you will quickly have an infused cannabis drink that takes very little preparation.


The Necessities

  • One Tablespoon Instant Coffee
  • One Cup of Whole Milk
  • One Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • Two cups of Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Two+ Grams of Cannabis

Making the Canna-Coffee

Because THC is only orally active with fat or alcohol bonding, it is absolutely necessary to let the cannabis soak in the milk overnight, or to heat up the milk with the cannabis at a low-med temperature for at least 45 minutes and let cool prior to using; this method is similar to bhang, a delicious traditional Indian cannabis drink. Additionally, be certain to grind up the cannabis very finely before using it in this recipe, as the more surface area, the more easily the THC in the cannabis can be activated and absorbed.

Now that you have THC-infused milk, instant coffee, vanilla extract and ice cream, you can add all of these to a blender and, after several moments, have a delicious and perfect cannabis coffee beverage. Be sure to pour slowly, as the coffee can get slightly frothy, unless that’s what you like.

While many have won the Cannabis Cup in the past, you can make your own cannabis cup every morning with this delicious recipe. Be sure to take caution with the amounts of marijuana used, as it can get unexpectedly potent quickly for those unfamiliar with the effects of oral THC. Original recipe thanks to THC Finder.


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